Balkan Media Group Partners with Betsson to Promote in Serbia

Balkan Media Group (BMG) has entered into a strategic partnership with Betsson Group, a global powerhouse in the gaming industry, to promote the Betsson brand in the Serbian market. This collaboration is focused on broadening the exposure and strengthening the market presence of, a comprehensive casino and sports betting platform, using BMG’s expertise in digital marketing and media. As a recognized leader in the Balkans, especially in the Serbian market, BMG’s involvement is a significant advantage, bringing unparalleled local insights and a robust network to bolster the brand’s reach and effectiveness.

Superbet, a key offering from Betsson Group, is set to benefit from BMG’s extensive network and innovative marketing strategies in Serbia. This partnership aims to position as a leading online betting and gaming platform, catering to the evolving needs of Serbian customers. BMG’s leadership in the region, particularly in Serbia, ensures a deep understanding of the market dynamics, making this alliance particularly strategic for tapping into local preferences and trends.

The alliance between BMG and Betsson Group signifies a concerted effort to strengthen’s market position in Serbia, combining BMG’s media influence with Betsson’s industry expertise. The synergy between BMG’s dominant position in the Balkans and Betsson’s global experience creates a formidable partnership poised to make significant inroads in the Serbian gaming sector.

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